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Call for Proposals for the hosting of D7

Seventh Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management



What are the Water Dialogues about?


The Inter-American Dialogues on Water Management are organized jointly by the Inter-American Water Resources Network (IWRN) and the host country. IWRN entices countries to host a Dialogue as part of a PROCESS to advance the discussion of key water issues in the Americas.


The Inter-American Dialogues on Water Management are held periodically as open gatherings for ALL relevant stakeholders in water management in the hemisphere. Everyone is invited and encouraged to PARTICIPATE.


To date, six (6) Dialogues have been held since 1993. The First Dialogue produced the Miami Declaration that created the IWRN as an open space for the promotion of ideas, best practices, and public policies on water management in the context of sustainable development in the hemisphere.


This Call is addressed to the Countries of the region interested in becoming

the host of the Seventh Dialogue through their institutions.

Deadline for submittal of Letters of Intent is

September 10, 2010.



Inside the Dialogue Process


The Dialogue organization emphasizes in “discussion process design”. All efforts are driven by key objectives:


  • Allow direct participation regardless of sector or organizational affiliation;
  • Ability to collect good ideas and proposals that come from such wide participation.


The Dialogue discussions are driven by “KEY QUESTIONS”, and those questions also serve to commission Base Thematic Papers that will hone those questions inside the various main themes selected. Then, each theme allows five (5) avenues of participation: multi-stakeholder panels, selected papers, posters, idea formulation (through regular papers and interactive web portal), and obviously, through dialogue roundtables. Emphasis is given to “gatherings” – The Dialogues among participants constitute at least 60% of the time allocated in sessions.


At the end of the event, a synthesis of the discussions and proposals is presented, and then, within a 3-month window after the Dialogue, a detailed organization of the proposals is provided though an online discussion and consolidation in the interactive website.


The Dialogues have been held periodically every 2 to 4 years depending on the offers by the Countries, and the hosts have rotated geographically. To date, the Dialogues have been hosted in the United States of America (Miami, 1993), Argentina (Buenos Aires, 1996), Panama (Panama City, 1999), Brazil (Iguassu Falls, 2001), Jamaica (Montego Bay, 2005), and Guatemala (Guatemala City, 2007).


IWRN has determined that, starting on 2011, the Dialogues will be held every three (3) years, in order to maintain a schedule with the World Water Forums, and offer this gathering to discuss regional proposals with the formal participation of the countries of the region.


What is needed for the next Dialogue?

A host country

An entity in the host country that serves as local organizer

Financial resources


The next Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management (D7) is a crucial meeting for strengthening collaboration among water management stakeholders. More than just a meeting, the Dialogue is part of a process that allows everyone to evaluate the advance of water policy making in the region, and to point out the needs expressed by water management decision makers.


Thematically, the IWRN suggests that D7 would address the following themes:

“Water for the Future” – Water and Youth

Managing water in a changing environment, including climate change;

Involving key stakeholders in water management responsibility;

Promoting the adoption of public water policies in the countries of the region;

Financing water management for the benefit of the society as a whole.


Further details about organizational, logistical, and financial issues are contained in the attached file, titled “Call for Proposals for the D7 Organization - Part 2” (PDF format).



Additional requirements for D7


Following on the tradition set forth by previous Dialogues, this gathering shall serve as the opportunity to discuss regional positions for the upcoming Sixth World Water Forum that will be held in Marseilles, France, in March 2012. The D7 session should be organized in coordination with the World Water Council and the Regional Committee to accomplish the inputs from the region (Water Forum regional process).


The host country should sign an agreement with IWRN about thematic, logistical, and financial issues related to the organization, execution, and fold-up of the Dialogue.

It is proposed that the next Dialogue be held

in the last quarter of 2011



The proposed venue should offer enough room space (under one roof) for an estimated attendance of 1,200 to 1,500 participants, and easy access to an international airport.

The minimum commitment for a national budget is established at USD 500,000, aside from local staff time. This figure is recommended by IWRN based on its experience of organizing previous Dialogues.  The budget details for the Dialogue shall be completed by December 15, 2010.


Formalizing the Letter of Intent


The proposing host entity should send a Letter of Intent to the IWRN Executive Committee through Governmental Focal Point, via the formal channels through the Organization of American States (OAS). Such letter should specify the name(s) of the host entity(ies) in the country, name of contact person, availability of financial and staff resources, and willingness to organize D7 in accordance to the terms addressed in this Call and its attachments.


Addressee of the Letter of Intent:


Executive Committee of the Inter-American Water Resources Network (IWRN)


In care of Mr. Cletus I. Springer,
Department of Sustainable Development
Organization of American States (OAS)

1889 F Street, NW

Washington, DC 20006, USA

Telephone:   +1 (202) 458-3148



Additional Information:

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To download the Call - Part 1, in PDF format, click here

To download the Call - Part 2, in PDF format, click here

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