The IWRN General Assembly

The General Assembly of the IWRN constitutes the entire membership of the IWRN.  Each member of the General Assembly has one vote in elections of members of the IWRN Board of Directors and on other issues that are brought to the General Assembly by the Board for approval.  Voting in the General Assembly can be done electronically or by mail, as agreed upon for each voting case.

The IWRN Board determined in 2009 that the Board Renewal (Elections) shall be carried through an electronic website that is managed and audited by IWRN Nominations Committee.  In order to be included in the voters’ database, IWRN Members need to be registered at least one month in advance of the election or consultation event.

If you want to become an IWRN Member, please fill the IWRN Membership Form, and you will automatically be included in the voters’ database, as long as your membership is approved before 30 days of an election event. Otherwise, your voting rights will be established for the following election or consultation event.