IWRN Board

The government and management of the IWRN shall be vested in an elected Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors shall consist of up to 25 individuals elected by the Members in accordance with the rules of representation of the IWRN regions (the basic geographical areas in the Americas are: North, Central, South, and Caribbean) and sectors (five positions from Government Focal Points; up to four positions from each of the following: NGO's, Academic and Research Institutions, Corporations, and Members at Large; and up to four positions for international/regional agencies) established by the Board. Directors shall hold office for the term elected or until successors are elected and qualified, but not to exceed six months beyond the end of the term. When an organizational or governmental member is elected to the Board of Directors, its representative will serve on the Board for the corresponding term.  If the government or organization changes its representative, this entity loses its position in the Board and this position is taken by the corresponding sectoral alternate.

Directors and Officers serve as persons and represent their respective sector.

Members of the Board of Directors have equal voting rights.

The Chairman of the Board will not vote unless there is a tie.


To access the List of the current IWRN Board, please click here.