IWRN Secretariat

The IWRN Secretariat organizes and implements the programs of the IWRN in collaboration with IWRN members.  The Secretariat is supported by staff of member organizations detailed to assist the IWRN, independent contractors, and services-in-kind contributed by members of the IWRN.

Duties of the Executive Secretary include:

a)    Supervision and direction of staff assigned to or hired by the Secretariat;

b)    Scheduling and coordination of IWRN programs and activities;

c)    Preparation of meeting agenda of the Board of Directors and Management Committee in consultation with the Chair and Secretary;

d)   Assisting in the planning and implementation of the Inter-American Dialogues on Water Management;

e)  Preparation of an annual report on the activities of the Secretariat to the Board of Directors;

f)   Preparation of an annual budget for the IWRN in consultation with the Chair and Treasurer;

g)  Preparation of an annual fund raising plan in consultation with the Chair, the Treasurer, and the chair of the Foundation for Inter-American Dialogue;

h)  Preparation of an annual work plan;

i)   Coordination of the operation of the IWRN internet communication system;

j)   Promotion and marketing of IWRN;

k)   Manage the fiscal resources of IWRN including the receipt and disbursement of funds for IWRN programs and activities; and

l)  Other duties as assigned by the Management Committee and the Board of Directors.

Actually the Secretariat is a multi-agency supported entity established by an operational agreement between Department of Sustainable Development of the Organization of American States (OAS), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Center for Environmental Studies of the Florida Atlantic University (CES).