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As part of the GEF DELTAMERICA Project, which was conducted between 2004 and 2006, IWRN conducted a Strategic Planning exercise in order to set the path for a new phase in this collaborative network.  One important aspect of the new strategy is the renewal of the Board based on a All-Member inclusive election process.

After much discussion on how to establish clear and transparent rules to allow the widest possible participation, the IWRN Nominations Committee and the Secretariat conducted the IWRN Elections between October 1-11, 2009.

Five new Board Members were elected:

  • Carlos R. COBOS (Guatemala) - Individuals - Central America
  • Emilio COLON (Puerto Rico) - NGO´s - Caribbean
  • Rocio CORDOBA (Costa Rica) - NGO´s - Central America
  • Jerry DELLI-PRISCOLI (USA) - Academia - North America
  • Ricardo SANDOVAL begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting MINERO (Mexico) - Individuals - North America
  • Raquel ZABALA (Argentina) - Individuals - South America


In addition, the formal representations of governments in the Organization of American States, through their appointed Focal Points, also designated its representation in the IWRN Board:

  • John BOWLEG (Bahamas) - Caribbean
  • Emma DIAZ (Guatemala) - Central America
  • Silvia Maria MEREGA (Argentina) - South America Region 2
  • Rodolfo ROA (Venezuela) - South America Region 1

The detailed results of the IWRN Election can be found at http://elections.iwrn.info.


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